Saturday, December 30, 2006

Internet trumps MSM with video of Saddam Hussein execution

This morning I tripped across this unofficial video of Saddam Hussein's execution, apparently taken on a cellphone camera by a guard or witness who was in the room.

Unlike the official video released by the U.S.-backed Iraqi regime, it includes the moment when Hussein is dropped and a shot of him moments after death with the noose still around his neck.

The video once again underscores the role that so-called "citizen journalism" (if this can be categorized as such) plays in our connected world.

While news organizations debated what and how much to show of the execution if and when any video or photos became available, this video was apparently already circulating online.

The person who uploaded it had only this to say:

Originally posted as a link on the Something Awful forums, I saved and uploaded it to google video before the it died

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