Saturday, March 19, 2005

Winnipeg blogger turned back at U.S. border

Lifting my head from work for a moment, I'm surprised to learn from the Committee to Protect Bloggers that Winnipeg blogger Jeremy Wright was denied entry at the U.S. border this week -- apparently because U.S. officials don't believe blogging is a job, or that it's possible to talk to someone without using a phone.

I had invited Wright to be part of the blogging panel at this year's Canadian Association of Journalists conference, which unfortunately conflicts with a prior commitment -- particularly unfortunate for delegates since it now sounds like he'd have a lot more to say.

The CPB sums it up nicely:
The right of the United States to control its borders is the right of any nation. The CPB believes, however, that it is unwise to use people as gatekeepers whose knowledge of one of the major technologies of global interaction is non-existent.

For those who don't know who and what Wright and Ensight are, he's putatively the first person to sell his blog.

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