Monday, March 14, 2005

Treo 650 freedom
The embargo is lifted and I'm finally free to say that PalmOne's Treo 650 smartphone is ... well, different from its predecessor, the Treo 600. I'm not yet entirely sure whether the change is good, bad or neutral.

I've been testing this new Treo palmOne loaned me for about a week now. (Although it launched in the U.S. last year, it became available in Canada today and I was restricted from discussing the device by a non-disclosure agreement.)

The two most obvious changes from the 600 model are the styling -- more rounded and with a couple of new controls on the face -- and that it's heavier. It also has Bluetooth and uses EDGE networks for faster data transmission and the refined keyboard is easier to type on. You can read more about the specs at if you're interested.

What I'm interested in right now is how it performs as a mobile blogging tool. Those of you who've read my columns or heard me speak know that I've been interested in what I call "pocket journalism" since the 1980s.

Right now, I'm using a piece of software called mo:Blog, which the kind people at palmOne preloaded for me -- it's not a standard app.

Setup is simple, it supports Blogger, Moveable Type and metaWeblog but most of all I like the fact that it makes it easier for me to blog in transit and manage my posts.

I'll have to leave it there for now -- my stop's coming up in a minute.

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