Sunday, January 16, 2005

Livejournal back online

Blogging service Livejournal is back online now.

Here's what they say about the outage:

At 6:43 am GMT on Sunday, January 16th, Admin

writes :

As you're probably aware, our server colocation facility suffered a massive power outage last night. For more detailed information about the incident, please see our power loss status page.

We have all database clusters except one back online at this time. Unfortunately MadCow is still recovering, and we expect it to be back online by around 10 PM PST tomorrow. (Where am I?). Some users on the Chef cluster are also reporting difficulty viewing their journals or logging on, and we're looking into it right now.

Please contact LiveJournal Support in the event there is anything missing from your journal from before the downtime. We have tools to recover missing data from backups, if necessary. Unfortunately, if you are on the Chef cluster, any updates you made between approximately 5PM PST and 8PM PST were not recorded in the database and have therefore been lost and cannot be recovered.

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