Friday, December 10, 2004

Dan Gillmor to leave SJ Mercury for blog venture

Technology reporter and leading blogger Dan Gillmor will be leaving the San Jose Mercury News next month to launch some sort of blog journalism project whose details are to be made public later:

I'll be leaving the San Jose Mercury Newsnext month to work on a citizen-journalism project.


I'm not ready to discuss the specifics yet, mainly because I have many more ideas than I could possibly try to put into practice at this point -- and we're early in the process of working out the venture's actual form.

The news instantly took me back to the dotcom days that saw journalists jumping to the other side of their beats, often to find that the benefits were short-lived, if they existed at all. But I doubt Gillmor's experience will be the same.

Gillmor recognizes that this move may sound just as crazy, but says it's something he has to do... whatever "this" is.

My guess is that Gillmor's new venture will attempt to take the best from blogs, OhMyNews and traditional journalism to create something like The Northwest Voice, a successful news outlet that relies on contributions from readers for articles.

But we'll have to just wait and see.

More on Gillmor's departure at his blog.

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