Monday, November 29, 2004

BlackBerry blogging

I was so impressed by the performance of the BlackBerry 7100r that I logged into my blog account and wrote this using the device itself:

Blogging on the mobile Web can be pretty challenging. I've tried on a number of Internet-enabled devices -- phones, PDAs, hybrids of both-- but have yet to find one that makes it easy.

Sure, you can e-mail blog posts, but using a Web form has always been difficult to impossible since most mobile browsers have problems rendering Web sites properly or conveying the data once it's been entered into the Web form.

I've been using this new 7100 series Blackberry for a few hours now, and other than a little difficulty entering a password blindly and accurately on the multi-tap keyboard, of all of the devices I've tried, this seems the most capable.

I doubt anyone at Research In Motion had blogging in mind when they designed this device and its software, but that dovetails neatly with something RIM CEO Jim Balsillie told me in an interview a couple of years ago.

"We can't even begin to imagine how people will use the BlackBerry or what kind of applications they'll come up with," he said, adding something like (this is paraphrased): "We'll just concentrate on making a good product and let others worry about the rest."

If this is the result of that approach then my reaction is simple: Good plan.

But the post was somewhat premature since, when I clicked on the PUBLISH POST button on the Web form... nothing happened. In fact, no Web button I tried worked, although hyperlinks work fine.

So much for full-on moblogging from a BlackBerry. I guess e-mail posts will have to do on the move.

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